Black Rock Pilates Instructor Spotlight: Casey Sylvestro


Where are you from originally?  


How did you first get introduced to Pilates? What made you want to teach?

I was an actor and dancer in NYC, and was experiencing pretty brutal body resentment. I couldn’t get my body to change no matter how long I went to the gym or how little food I ate. My roommate was a studio manager at Core Pilates in NYC, and she brought me in to act as a “body” for her instructor teacher training. And my body immediately began to change. I was proud and happy in my skin, and wanted to support other people in finding that for themselves.

What’s your favorite Pilates exercise? What’s your favorite piece of equipment or small prop?

My favorites exercise(s) will always be the ab series because of how few you need to do for such an incredible impact.  I also love roll-ups because they fully articulate the spine and KILL your core. I’m a huge foam roller fan and usually try to incorporate it into my mat classes.

What’s your favorite muscle? Why?

The full range of back and shoulder muscles–traps, lats, rhomboids…  I find that when people can access their back body, their posture improves and their front body and core muscles become THAT much more deeply engaged. And what’s better than a beautiful back?!?!

Anything else you enjoy doing for exercise?

I’m a soul cycle lover. It’s 45 minutes of dancing on a bike.

Why do you like teaching at Black Rock Pilates? What do you like about teaching Pilates?

I was trained in a purely classical studio setting, and working in a more contemporary studio such as BRP has given me exposure to so many different styles of teaching. My own style has become more expansive and diverse based on exercises I’ve learned from the other instructors.

I love that Pilates can give you results quickly.  I love that people are encouraged by their time and efforts right away–even if it’s just a simple awareness of pulling their shoulders away from their ears.

What classes do you teach at BRP? When are you available for privates?

I teach mat classes Mondays at 7:00 pm and Fridays at 9:30 am.   I teach a reformer class Fridays at 10:30.  I also teach a handful of privates during the week, and am always open to conversation!

An odd, little known fact about yourself (Pilates-related or not!) A “fun fact” if you will 🙂

I traveled throughout Asia for four months with my best friend in 2011, and wrote a travel blog that gained some fun momentum!


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