Pilates at 83 – A confident strong body

I had been practicing Yoga for years and from someone in my class I heard about Black Rock Pilates. I decided that for my 70th birthday I would give myself the once-a-week attention of a Pilates trainer.  This is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

But let me quickly say that you do not need a private trainer to enjoy and benefit from Black Rock Pilates. Over my now 13 years of Pilates exercising, I have witnessed numerous classes and have been very impressed by the personal attention given to each member of a class. At Black Rock Pilates the classes are small, friendly and skillfully taught by licensed Pilates trainers.

At 70, I felt a bit like my body was collapsing into itself. At 83, I feel elongated and flexible. I love to stretch and strengthen! I want to carry my own suitcase, climb over a stone wall, get in and out of the car easily; I want to be able to reach the crackers on the high shelf and to get up off the floor like a fifty year-old.  Pilates gives me all of that and more.

What is “cool” is that I have learned in Pilates that I don’t have to give up on my body because I am old. Instead, I can become stronger and more flexible.

The atmosphere at Black Rock Pilates is “Family.” We are all welcomed; our struggles and successes are warmly acknowledged. We laugh together. We are all in the same boat: working either to to keep our bodies healthy and strong, or to restore health where we may have experienced surgery or trauma.

An extra blessing at Black Rock Pilates is Laura Pennock’s spouse, the gifted physical therapist, Tara Collins. They are in the same building and ready to work together on any issues you may have.  Such a blessing!

Black Rock Pilates is for everyone at every age and every level. You will be challenged at the same time that you are kept completely safe. The perfect exercise combination.

How has Pilates helped me in my life? I have confidence in my body. At 83 years -old you cannot beat that!

Cecily Stoddard Stranahan


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